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February 16, 2014 meme, The Sunday Post 46

 The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer.  Grab a cuppa and let me bend your ear (eyes?) for a few minutes with all my bookish news. 

Sunday Post *********************************************************************************************************************


Bit of a crazy week here!  We had no power or telephone line for 3 days after a bad storm hit.  And my drive to work was fun, I had to watch out for floods, snow, falling trees and black ice!  It was like an obstacle course!

The photo below is our local village green which is submerged!  Waterpolo anyone?

water polo 


Second Chance Sunday – What happened here this week:


Second Chance Sunday – What caught my eye.  Why not go Sunday visiting?!

Cayce @ Fighting Dreamer reveals the cards that were exchanged during Secret Sweet Valentine.  They are fab.

Kelley at Another Novel Read needs to Talk about Covers and has recreated some covers to illustrate her points.

Tonya @ Lilybloombooks wants to know Did she hire a Caterer as she feels authors are catering to readers needs and demands.


Books I have received to review:

Bit of a mixture this week!

Keep away from those Ferraris is an Irish thriller set against the backdrop of the celtic tiger downturn.

Hopelessly Devoted to Holder Finn sounds like a light-hearted fun chick-lit

On the Fence is the one I’m reading right now.  It’s an adorable YA.  Love!

Blindness is a NA book that sounds emotional and looks edgy.

The Cross of Santiago is another Irish author and this one is set in Galway and features time travel.  Can’t wait!

Keep Away From Those Ferraris Hopelessly Devoted to Holden Finn On the Fence Blindness The Cross of Santiago



Books I have bought:

This is one of those posts where I had bought way more books than I realised!  Some were ones I had been stalking until they released (Girl in Love, Cress, Split Second), some were $1.99 bargains (Where the Stars Still Shine, Sloppy Firsts).  But the rest were just because it was Valentines and I love books 🙂


Cress Split Second where the stars still shine shatter me if you find me sloppy firstsGirl in Love


And a huge thanks to Tonya @ Lilybloombooks for unexpectedly gifting me this one!  I squealed!

Losing It


One last piece of news, Between My Lines took the plunge on to facebook.  So if you use FB, please like my page if you like!


So that’s  my week wrapped up.  Happy Reading to all. 


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46 Responses to “The Sunday Post : Get your Bookish News”

    • trish

      I loved On The Fence Leanna. The characters are so fleshed out and the writing style is that dry humour that I love. Def check it out 🙂

  1. Jessica@Lovin' Los Libros

    Oh my goodness! A lake! LOL. I’m glad you got your power back though! We didn’t get much activity here sadly, but 3 hours east of us got 7 inches of snow (which isn’t alot, but by Tennessee standards it’s huge!) Yay for On the Fence! I can’t wait to start it! And of course Where the Stars Still Shine! I really loved that one, as well as Girl in Love. 😀 Happy reading Trish!
    Jessica@Lovin’ Los Libros recently posted…Stacking the Shelves #54

    • trish

      It looked exactly like a lake and thanks to the gale winds, beneath all that water was our knocked over electricity lines! So glad you are escaping the extreme weather that is hitting so many places.
      On The Fence was SO good, hope you get to it soon Jess.

    • trish

      I’m so excited about Split Second as I loved Pivot Point and can’t wait to see what happens next. You know one of my fav things about the Sunday Post is the chance to admire all the covers nicely lined up!

  2. Jenn @ A Glo-Worm Reads

    I would go crazy if I was three days without power! Hopefully you stayed warm and got lots of reading done 🙂

    That flooding is insane! We got 50+cm of snow this week, and are supposed to get even more today.. around 25 cm.. so much snow!

    • trish

      I know it was crazy, I was glad to escape to work where we had power. I felt so sorry for all those with babies and young children it must have been a nightmare.
      All that snow sounds crazy! Wrap up and make a snowman for me 🙂

    • trish

      Cayce, I only found out today, our power cables were UNDER that water! The gale winds knocked the poles over. Crazy stuff.

      Shatter Me was meh for me. So disappointed, I thought I’d love it.

      Loved all your valentine card exchanges, count me in next year!

      • Cayce

        Really? No wonder there wasn’t power.

        So… meh? Huh. After reading a very negative and a bunch of raving reviews (+ the spoilers because I’m a bad, bad girl) I convinced myself that I have to check it out for myself. Well, we’ll see…

        I know, right? Those cards are just so pretty and I was really happy that no one ended up as “one of those people” and they all sent the cards like good little Valentines as well as the pix to me 🙂
        Cayce recently posted…A Different Take on: Reviews vs. Discussion Posts

    • trish

      I still have to read Scarlet but I needed to own Cress asap! I plan to read both together. Hope you get your copy soon and enjoy it.

    • trish

      I can’t remember much about Pivot Point at this stage apart from loving Trevor and loving the book. Looking forward to getting stuck back into this series soon.

    • trish

      Cinder was fab, I still need to read Scarlet but I’m planning on reading it back to back with Cress. Think it will work better that way as I’m finding it too hard to remember all the characters in ALL the series!
      Weather was looney tunes, hope the worst is over now.

    • trish

      Sitting in a boat in the cold and rain does NOT sound like a plan :O I’m reading Losing It tonight and loving it, it’s just so funny.

  3. Peggy @ The Pegster Reads

    Lots of flooding here as well, but luckily we are ok. Trains are often cancelled, trees on the lines and such… wow, no power for 3 days. We start to realise how much we rely on it don’t we. No light in the evening (?candles). I like all the covers, my favourite is Blindness I think. That cover would make me pick it up in a book shop. Happy Reading 🙂
    Peggy @ The Pegster Reads recently posted…News News News

    • trish

      Yes candles and firelight! Sounds cozy but it wore pretty thin pretty fast! I think Blindness looks really interesting as well, I’m looking forward to checking it out soon.
      Hope your flooding is receding by now.

  4. Lindy@A Bookish Escape

    Wow! Sounds like a crazy storm! I’m glad that you are okay Trish! Losing It is a great book. The whole series is great, and I’m so excited for you to read it! On the Fence looks really good, and I can’t wait to see what you think of it. I just bought Caisey’s Quinn’s Series! I’ve read so many positive reviews on it, and am looking forward to reading the whole series back to back! Happy Reading this week. I hope the weather improves 🙂
    Lindy@A Bookish Escape recently posted…Book Spotlight: Forever Yours (The Moreno Brothers #1.5) by Elizabeth Reyes

    • trish

      Huge thumbs up for On the Fence from me! I’m reading Losing It and loving it, think I’ll be grabbing the whole series. Love the humour in it. Enjoy the Kylie Ryan series, looking forward to hearing what you think of it. I just love reading series back to back.

    • trish

      Thanks Greg, when I turn on the news now I can’t believe the crazy weather that is happening all over the world. It’s insane, roll on Spring!

    • trish

      Oh Christy I loved On The Fence, the characters were so animated and fun. I really enjoyed it. Hope you get to it SOON!

    • trish

      Binge reading a series is so much fun! And lately everytime I pick up a book, I seem to have forgotten every single thing that happened in the previous book so I think it’s something I need to do more often.

    • trish

      That sounds crazy too! Not drained yet but its slowly going back. Now we just need the rain to stay away for a bit! But I have to admit reading while listening to the rain pelting down outside is something I love to do too.

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