On the Eight Day of Christmas, Trish recommended to me…

January 1, 2014 Bookish Fun 3

On the Eight Day of Christmas, Trish recommended to me:

12 days

Eight Maids worth Admiring

Seven Dystopias Awaiting

Six Sizzling New Adults

Five Christmas Books

Four Contemporaries

Three Time Travels

Two Chick Lits

And a Thriller where the family flee


Eight Maids worth Admiring

SanctumDaughter of Smoke & Bone Dare you To You are mine 1c Brooklyn Girls The Hunger Games Divergent


Sanctum brings us Lela who is one of the fiercest main characters that I have had the pleasure of reading about.  Her favourite television character is Buffy but I know for sure that in a showdown, Lela would kick Buffy’s ass!   Any girl that marches in to hell to save a friend is one worth admiring!

Daughter of Smoke & Bone features Karou who is so unique.  She is arty, loving, loyal to her family, ready for adventure and can fight like a demon.  Love her!

Dare You To brings us Beth.   Brash, out spoken, confident, Beth appears to be a tough cookie but deep inside there is a little girl crying out to be loved and taken care of.  But don’t mess with her or her friends coz Beth will mess you up!

You Are Mine features Serena.  She is brave and has spent her whole life protecting her younger sisters (all 14 of them), often taking punishments in their place. She is clever, outspoken and knows she wants more.  I love her acts of rebellion.

Jordyn is fierce, well able to kick ass with her lightening sharp reflexes, she is stronger than a team of men, plus she is feisty and funny.

Brooklyn Girls brings us Pia who is sassy and always has a smart answer at the ready. She has her failings –  cockmonkeys aka players and her maths skills  – to name two huge ones but I love that she starts her own business and is creative enough to kinda (!) make it work.

The Hunger Games features Katniss.  Enough said!  Her reputation speaks for itself!

Divergent features Tris.  Another of my favourite characters.  I love Tris because she is so brave and loyal and intelligent.  And I hate her guts because she got Four!

Happy Christmas!

Bookish Chat : Who is your favourite female character and why?





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