Bookish Chat : What is your Reading Speed?

September 7, 2013 Bookish chat, bookish habits 0

When it comes to reading, are you as fast as a hare or a slow but steady turtle?  I always thought I was a fast reader but nowadays I don’t really think I am  It is more so that I spend a lot of time reading rather than being a fast reader.

I’m really curious as to how much time everyone spends reading.  I know I spend a good portion of my day reading but I prefer reading to watching tv so it is my main form of relaxation in the evenings.  Even on days where I have other plans and get little or no reading time, I usually manage 30 minutes or so when I go to bed as it’s my wind down time and I find it hard to sleep without it.  Of course there are often times when a few minutes reading turns into hours and hours and results in lost sleep but I’m ok with that!

My reading overlaps with other activities too.  My husband loves PlayStation games so often in the evening, I’m reading or visiting blogs while he is playing and we are chatting away at the same times as well.  And the same with the gym, I take my kindle and read while I’m there.  Except while on the treadmill as that just makes me dizzy but on the other equipment, I read away and the time passes much faster for me.

Being the nerd I am, I decided to put a chart together just to give you a glimpse of how my day breaks down.  This is a pretty normal day for me during the week. 


And with this I usually read about a book in 2 days.  So I guess about 5 hours or so to read book, some more, some less.  Some days, I read fast.  Other days I drift into a day dream and end up rereading lines.  Other days, I go on twitter to tweet about a book and I get lost for hours in a black hole!  Or sometimes I find some books need to be read slowly and savoured.  Like the Sea of Tranquility which was the only book I read this week but it was too good to rush through it. 

You might notice there is no blog time there, that is because I write and schedule all posts at the weekends.  I usually spend my work lunch hour with friends but sometimes I write a review during that time or sit outside with a book if none of my friends are around. 

I recently downloaded a new version of a kindle app and this one tells me reading speed as well.  And it usually comes out about 4 and half hours.  Which sounds about right to me.  And makes me worry a bit about the length of my to-be-read list! 

Bookish Chat : So how about you?  How many books do you read a week?  How long does it take you to read an average book?

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