Book Review : Jordyn by Tiffany King

September 18, 2013 Book review 0 ★★★½

Paranormal is not by preferred genre and within that genre angels are my least favourite mythical characters. And on top of that Daughter of Smoke and Bone has set the standard of angel books for me so most others I read fall far short of that. Jordyn had to do a lot to impress me and make me overlook my initial doubts. But it did, I enjoyed this book and I found it a quick, entertaining read

Book Review : Jordyn by Tiffany KingJordyn by Tiffany King
on 9 Feb 2013
Genres: Paranormal, YA
Pages: 280







My Recap :

Jordyn is practically a daemon killer machine. She is an orphan and lives with her aunt and uncle and spends her day in combat training with her arch angel mentor. Then she meets Soul Trader Emrys and events kick off that finally result in Jordyn finding out what her life mission really is.

My Thoughts :

Jordyn is a very entertaining character to. She is fierce, well able to kick ass with her lightening sharp reflexes, she is stronger than a team of men, plus she is feisty and funny. However the way she talks will either annoy you or make you laugh. Her expressions are slightly unusual for a 17 year-old – for example.

Of course, it would be all-holy-hell-monkey-asses when they found out the truth.”

They just made me raise an eyebrow at how silly they are and then laugh but I can see her turn of idiom irritating some readers.

The romance was fun. We didn’t find out a lot about Soul Trader Emrys until the end of the book but he is the perfect bad boy. Dark, mysterious, dangerous and sexy; a pretty lethal combination. I did find it a bit quick how willing Jordyn was to trust him and to go anywhere with him. And we are not talking about going down the road for a coffee; no, he transported her to Shanghai for a tattoo. Insta-love is a pet hate of mine and it does feature here which turned me off a bit.

The pace of this book is quirky. We are thrown straight into the action and into to some vicious daemon ass kicking however nothing is really explained about the world until nearer the end of the book. This worked well though as Jordyn has memory loss and can’t remember any further back than 1 year ago and she is as clueless as to what is going on around her as we are. As a reader, I felt like I was uncovering secrets along with Jordyn and could feel her shock and betrayal as facts were slowly revealed.

Jordyn’s aunt is an author and I loved the conversation at one stage where she referred to the book bloggers who have claimed her character as their book boyfriend. It just made me laugh as it reminds of so many fangirl bloggers that I know and love!

“Don’t be too hard on him. You know he’s my book boyfriend.” I reminded her, dropping a kiss on the top of her head before heading off to my room.
“You might have to fight off Shana from A Book Vacation blog on that one” she joked, mentioning one of her favourite book bloggers.”

My overall feel about this book is that if you prefer contemporary fiction to paranormal fiction this book may appeal to you. However if you are a die-hard paranormal fan, then this might feel like para-light to you. It worked for me and I’m looking forward to checking out the sequel over the next few months.


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