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August 10, 2013 Bookish chat, bookish habits 0

Of all the promo posts that I see around the blogosphere, Extract posts are the ones I have least interest in.  I rarely click in to them and if I do, I tend to just glance at the book info and leave without reading the extract.  Am I alone in this?
I know promo posts are a turn off for lots of people but I enjoy knowing what new books are coming up next.  Cover reveals always catch my eye as I’m a cover junkie, I love looking at them and considering how well they match the title and synopsis.  And I’ll happily spend a few minutes checking this post out and feasting my eyes on the cover.
If it’s a book I’m potentially interested in, then reviews attached to promo posts get my attention to.  Especially when I know the blogger and have an idea of how similar or otherwise our reading tastes are.  This is the way most new books find their way on to-be-read queue. 
But book extracts?  These I skip over.  I have no interest in reading one page of a book out of context.  I’d rather just read the GoodReads synopsis.  I know it gives an impression of the authors writing style but I just can’t force myself to read them.  If I think I’m interested in a book what I will do download a sample from Amazon.  At least that way, I know I’m starting the book logically on the first page and not just reading a random page.  Maybe I’m a bit OCD about this but I like to do things in order!
Things I would rather do instead of reading book extracts:
–          Read the first line from the book  or even the first paragraph – this gives me a better feel and I can often tell from that if a book is for me or not.  I’m not always right but first impressions do count.
–          Read a few sample quotes.  I’m a quote hunter and gatherer.  A few short quotes are much more appealing than a long out of context extract.
–          Read a quick character interview – with an emphasis on quick.  Not endless dialogue, just something short and snappy to give me a glimpse at the characters personality
–          Find out what the cover symbolises.  Again I’m showing my cover lover tendencies but this will show me more about the book than an extract that I won’t read.  Even if it’s a stock photo, the author/publisher must have had a reason for choosing it and I’d like to hear about that.
–          A glimpse at the authors mood board, any images or pictures that they found inspiring while writing the book
–          A quirky feature related to the book theme.  I loved all the promos for Taste the Heat by Rachel Harris where bloggers shared their favourite recipe.  It was fun and memorable.  Tasty too as I ended up cooking two of them!
–          Go for a tooth extraction.  Nah, not really, but it sounds about as much fun as reading a book extract!
Bookish Chat: So what do you think?  Do you read book extracts?  What are your feelings on them?  What do you think of my alternatives?

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