The long and the short of Novellas

July 6, 2013 Bookish chat, bookish habits 0

I’m starting off with a blogger confession; I don’t know the difference between a short story and a novella.  I know a novella is a bit longer but I’m not sure what the cut off point is and honestly I don’t really care.  I just know I don’t really like them.
My main problem and wait for…… this is so insightful….they are too short.  I know, that’s a shocker, right?  And I suppose if you just want a short, quick read then these might be ideal for you.  However I like to get immersed in a book and with a short story I’m just getting in to it and then wham, bam, it’s over mam and I’m left feeling short changed.
Another blogger confession is that I often get confused at the start of books.  It takes me a while to figure out who is who.  I often turn back a few pages just to recap on a character at the beginning to get the facts straight.  So at the start of a book, I’m a little uncomfortable and take a bit to settle in.
In a short story, I never get a chance to get to relax and enjoy.  And a book of short stories is even worse; I have to go through the getting-to-know-you feeling over and over.  In addition I like complex plots and we just don’t get enough time to deal with the depth that I want.  So basically they leave me feeling frustrated and unsatisfied.
My only exception is the novella ties-in that are hopping up all over the place.  I love the Divergent tie-in where we got to see a scene from Four’s pov.  And the same with Cinder, I enjoyed Glimmer – the prequel.  These work as I already know the characters.  However at the end of them, I have that more-ish taste in my mouth.  My appetite is whetted for more and as I suppose that is the idea of these, then mission accomplished.
But and it’s a big but.  I’m not prepared to spend much money for these.  I’m going to read them in about 15/20 minutes so I’m not prepared to invest over the odds for them even when I love the main series.  I think they are a marketing tool and I feel they should be free or very lowly priced.  And I can take them or leave them so if they are too expensive then I have no bother just leaving them.
Bookish Chat : Do you like or dislike short stories or novellas?  What do you love or hate about them?

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