Green Giants – Irish Author Spotlight No 3

July 17, 2013 Book review, Green Giants 1 ★★★★★

Green Giants is my feature where I share some of my favourite books by Irish Authors.   I’m passionate about Irish Authors, there is a great and exciting mix of books to choose from, hopefully you will find something new to try. 

Patricia Scanlan is the undisputed Queen of Irish Chick Lit.  I first read her books when I was in college and it was the first time I read a contemporary book set in Ireland with characters who were just like me.   These characters could have been friends of mine, they felt as real as if they were breathing air with me.  What is more, they have stood the test of time. 
If you were to quiz me right now, I could rattle off the main characters of every book and tell you something about them even though I haven’t read the books recently.  It is hard to pick a favourite as I like them all so at random I’m picking Double Wedding to share with you.
Double Wedding is about 2 friends who have just gotten engaged and end up planning a double wedding.  Jessica isn’t keen on the double wedding however her friend Carol is afraid of being left at the altar and thinks the double wedding will convince her fiancée to go through with it.  Jessica is far too soft for her own good and gets persuaded all too easily.
You know how stressful weddings are right?  Well double that tension, add some stressful family situations, stir well and wait for the explosions.  My favourite part of this book is the characters, they nestle into your heart and you want to keep them there.  My least favourite part of this book is the end, I never want to let go!  I care about the characters and am always left wondering what will happen next.
Jessica is soft, tender hearted and forever trying to find ways to stand up to her more domineering friend.  She is feisty at times and no doormat however Carol knows just how to manipulate her.  Carol is a perfectionist from her jogging regime to her diet, she controls every area of her life.  At first unlikeable but as I got to know her insecurities and what caused them, she grew on me.  Both of these characters are coping with realities of life and the same struggles that women face all over the world which makes them relatable and relevant.
The books are very Irish, from the food to the phrases, from the family focus to quirky characters, from the locations to the descriptions of scenery.  I always know I’m reading something that is familiar as looking out my own kitchen window at my favourite view.  They are also funny, sad, romantic, hopeful and realistic so be prepared to be pulled through a gauntlet of emotions in quick succession.
In addition, there is a gentle, calm voice behind the book and I always feel a bit wiser, a bit more equipped to deal with life when I leave down a Patricia Scanlan book.  As warm as toasting your feet at a fire on a cold winter day and as comforting as a hug.  These books emotionally satisfy me.  If I want a refuge from the world, I settle down with one of these books, a big bar of chocolate and some wine.  They are my version of chicken soup for the soul.
Bookish Chat : Have you ever read a Patricia Scanlan book?  If so which is your favourite? Or have you any intention of reading any in the future?  I have yet to read her latest With All My Love but my sun lounger and it have a date planned before the summer is out. 



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