Drowning in Books

July 13, 2013 Bookish chat, bookish habits 0

Too many books?  Too little time?  Do you have a towering stack of books glaring at you as you never get to read them?!  I empathise, I do too BUT I have a plan.    First off, I don’t ever want to moan about having too many books to read as I love books.  They are more than just a hobby or a past time, they are my passion.


Looking at my to-read pile right now gives me equal parts pleasure and pain though.  Pleasure because there are so many interesting looking books sitting there, calling me to pick them up next, and dazzling me with their shiny, untouched covers.  And pain because I can’t get to them as fast as I want.
Hence my book ban for the foreseeable future (disclaimer: not a total ban, if I see a bargain or a NetGalley I really, really, really want, I give myself permission to break it!).  However, I want to read my books at a pace where I can enjoy them.  I want to feed my soul with them and not tear through them at 90 miles an hour, shouting next before I have even finished my current one.
So I have a plan!  But first up, let me just give you a picture of what I have in my stack. 
NetGalley            17 books (but only 7 were approval, the others were invitations)
Blog Tour             3  books
From Author        6 books
Won                       7 books
Bought                 17 books
Kindle Freebies   10 books
I have no idea how this stacks up to other book bloggers to-read pile, so if you feel like sharing your stats in the comments, I’d love to hear them.
But now for a quick reality check, I read about 4/5 books per week.  And I have 60 books in the queue so as you can see I’m sorted for a while.  What I have been doing though is reading the NetGalley/Blog Tour/Author books and more or less ignoring my own bought books and the ones I won.  And the poor old Kindle Freebies never get a look in.
I don’t want to be hoarder of books, I want to read them, relish them and file them away in my read folder on GoodReads for better or for worse.  So what’s my big plan?  No need for the drum roll, it’s fairly basic!  I’m going to read one book from NetGalley/Blog Tour/Author requests every week, another book from my won pile and a third book from my bought books.  And then any books on top of that are whatever catches my eye.
I’m not reading anymore than normal; I’m just prioritising a bit better.  Already I feel calmed just by having a system.  I’m ecstatic that finally my bought books and won books are getting a decent chance and don’t always have to take a back seat.  Someday soon I might even get to these Kindle Freebies!  I’ll be back with an update for in a month or so, nothing like the fear of a public shaming to keep me on the straight and narrow.
Bookish Chat : So is my plan, what do you think of it?  Do you have similar ‘problems’, how do you cope?  All tips and comments, welcomed.  And like I said, I’d love to hear how many books you have in your possession patiently waiting for you to pick them up.

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