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June 29, 2013 Bookish chat, bookish habits 0

The stereotypical image of readers by non readers is that we are bookish nerds, reading highly intellectual books that challenge and stimulate us.  Well maybe sometimes we are but not always! 

And for me, mostly not!  I read to be entertained not educated.  Sometimes they happen together and that is a good bonus but no my first thought when I pluck a book from the shelves is that I want a world to escape into for a little bit.

What non book lovers may not know:
I lust over my book boyfriends.  I know, I know, I should have more sense at my age but what is the fun in being sensible.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, when it comes to these boys, I shamelessly read them and leave them.


I forget sometimes that the world I’m reading about isn’t real.  I get totally immersed and have known to worry about characters when I’m not reading the book, hoping they are getting on ok.  I get annoyed at them, I cry with them, I laugh with them and when they are in danger my heart goes pitter patter right along with theirs.
Reading is no longer a solitary experience.  Whereas before an unexpected part of a book would have you speechless, you no longer have to suffer/squee in silence.  Nowadays you can take to the twitter highway or the goodreads highway or your blog (or all 3 like I do!) and spout off about your book.  This is one of my favourite parts about reading nowadays.  Nothing like a public bitch slapping on twitter with some like minded friends when a character gets under your skin.
Sometimes I buy books just for the cover alone.  Colour me shallow.  Love at first sight even before I look at the blurb. 
I spend far too much money on books.  And kid myself that I’m not buying that many which doesn’t work too well when you do a book haul post.  Every Sunday, I promise myself next week I will be better.  But then when a trusted friend/blogger tells me ‘you need to buy this book’.  I do!  Without question, without even reading what the book is about.
And let’s not even get in to my OCD bookish habits which I wrote about here
Bookish Chat : How about you?  What ways do you manage mischief with your bookish behaviour?

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