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June 22, 2013 Bookish chat, bookish habits 0

Have you ever wondered which of your favourite book characters would be bloggers if the story was set in today’s world?  I have because I like to think about random stuff like this!  I love when I come across a character in a book who is as big a bookwork as I am.  I feel an instant connection and now when I see a character in a book who is an actual blogger my inner nerd does a big squee!

My list of 3 would-be/should-be bloggers are:

1.   Jo March from Little Women.  Jo loves to write and read so I think she would jump enthusiastically into blogging.  The first time we meet Jo, she is planning on spending her Christmas money on a much wanted book.  I know all book bloggers can empathise!  I can just see her sitting up in her garret room, munching russet apples and working away on posts on her cosy couch.  I know if she hates a book she will be snarky, impatient and biting in her reviews.  In later life, she would be able to do some promo work for her own books too.  

2.  Hermione from Harry Potter.  Of course Hermione would blog and her reviews would thorough, clever, insightful and written with perfect spelling and grammar.  Everything would be planned and scheduled to perfection, no last minute flying-by-the-seat-of-her-pants reviews here! Actually I’m glad Hermione doesn’t blog as she might easily come along and correct my posts!

3.  Edward Cullen from Twilight.  I know, controversial!  But he loves to read and as he is 112 years old, he has plenty of pre-blog reads to blog about.  He could have read the classics as ARC’s!  Ok, he pretty much has a full time job stalking Bella but maybe pre Bella, it would help fill in sometime during those sleepless nights.  And it would distract him from thoughts of killing too! 

And I have an honouree mention for Rory Gilmore.  Not a literary character but a literary lover.  This girl loves her books as much as any blogger I know.  I mean she takes a book to parties, that episode made me smile so much.  I wish I had the nerve to do that!  So the next logical step is surely that Rory would also be a book blogger.
Bookish Chat : What do you think?  Do you agree or disagree?  Who would you add to the list?

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