Armchair BEA – Ethics in Blogging and Non Fiction

June 3, 2013 Book Event, Bookish Fun, Uncategorized 0

I know ABEA is over!  However I had this post prepared before I got sick and had to abandon the ABEA ship midway through.  Well I kept the Armchair part, I just abandoned the BEA part!  I’m going to go ahead and post what I had anyway as I love the topic.

Disclosure. Copyright and credit. Plagiarism. Succeeding without selling out. The path of ethical blogging is strewn with pebbles and potholes and thorny patches.
We’re getting back into discussion mode in a big way today with the topic of “Ethics in Blogging.”

All  my reviews are the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  I have posted before that I don’t like posting bad reviews and I may decide not to post a review for an Indie rather than a really bad review.  However anything I do review will reflect my honest thoughts and nothing else.

As a new blogger, I haven’t hurled headlong into any plagiarism issues yet and hopefully I never will.  I do have fears though and maybe by sharing them, I’ll get some advise on them
1.  Using images – I love to add an image into my discussion posts, I feel it breaks up the text and so makes it more readable.  Plus a picture speaks a thousand words.  But I’m not really sure where I can find free images or gifs to use.  Or if I pluck an image from google images (giving credit if a source is noted) then how bad is this really?  I may or may not have done this in the past!

2.  I read lots of reviews and I’m always afraid of accidently lifting part of someone else’s views or a turn of phrase.  I would never, ever, ever intentionally do this but it is a fear of mine.  I try to stay true to my own voice in reviews so I hope I have never done this but I do think it could happen easily. 
I feel strongly about blogging with integrity and if I do a blog post that was inspired by another blogger, I always link back to them in my post.  I never want to steal anyone’s thunder and also I want to give them a shout-out and hopefully send others on their merry way over to them.  Sharing is caring!

PART 2 Non-Fiction books
I don’t read nearly as much non-fiction as I do fiction.  However when I’m interested in something, I have that personality that likes to research and find as much info on the topic as I can.  So if you look at my non-fiction shelves, you do get a little glimpse of who I am.  Have a look below and you’ll see what I mean.



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