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May 11, 2013 Bookish chat, bookish habits 1

I love reading reviews but one thing I’m always wary of is spoilers.  I try hard to keep my blog a spoiler free zone and you won’t find anything mentioned that isn’t found on the book blurb or in the first few chapters.
If I’m reading reviews on other sites I’m wary.  Some bloggers I know and trust to talk about a book in non-spoily way and I know I can read every word in safety.  Other bloggers reveal a lot more.  I can see why they do this, they want talk about the issues raised in the book and how they reacted to them.  And sometimes they want to go on a rant about something that got their goat.  Or squeal in excitement about the plot.  But for God sake, shout out a warning that you have spoilers!


These reviews I skim, eyes covered but peeking out between my fingers, just enough to get a feel for whether they loved or hated the book.  I love them AFTER I’ve read the book just not before.  I know I’ll get in depth analysis and critique which I’m happy to participate in after I have had my own adventure with that book.  So I do totally appreciate reviews like this, I just have to be careful about when I read them.
I feel I get a better sense of a book when I read blind so the less I know in advance the better.   I want the OMG-what-the-hell-just-happened feeling when I read, if I lose this I feel like you put on your highway mask and robbed me in broad daylight.  The shock factor and twisty twists are my favourite part of a book.  And I want to find my way there all by myself.  And then when I have that, I’m happy go find some fellow bloggers to scream my disbelief or exhilaration with.
Which is funny in a way, as when I was younger, I would read a few chapters and then flip to the last page to see how it all ends.  Older Trish is horrified by this unorthodox behaviour!  I’m not sure when I stopped this and proceeded to do a 180 degree pivot on my opinions on spoilers.  Actually it’s not just review spoilers I’m afraid of, it’s even prologues.  I often skip these too as I don’t want to know in advance how it all ends.  Even if the author has planned it that way and thinks it works best like that, I prefer to avoid and dive straight into chapter one.  I suffer from a bad case of reader-knows-best!
Spoileritis (yes, that’s a totally legit bookish condition!)  is also reason why I nearly always read a book before I watch the movie.  I have no problem with the movie being spoilt by knowing the ending as I’m always curious to know about how it was adapted and never think twice about knowing what’s coming.  The reverse isn’t true though, the odd time I do watch the movie first, I’ll rarely bother with reading the book afterwards.
And just to show how contrary I am, I have to admit I’m an avid re-reader so obviously in those cases I know the plot but that doesn’t ruin the book for me.  On rereads, I often pick up on lots of details that only make sense once you have read the whole book and I enjoy seeing how the early part of a book builds up the story in hindsight.
Bookish Chat : So now you know all my spoiler quirks, what are yours?  Team Don’t Mind Them or Team Hate Them, which camp are you in? 

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