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May 14, 2013 meme, TTT 0

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by one of my favourite blogs – – if you are not reading this blog, then you should be!

This weeks theme is Top Ten Books Dealing With Tough Subjects .  Love this one, I’m the queen of hard issues, I love when my characters face some challenging times.  Guess I’m weird like that!
1.  The Woman who walked into Doors by Roddy Doyle – probably my favourite issue book.  It deals with domestic violence and alcoholism.  And it does it with a mixture of humour and the dark realism that that works.  And with a description of violence that hit me like a ton of bricks.
2.  Paula Spencer by Roddy Dolye – A follow on to the book above.  It deals with coping with the aftermath of alcoholism, trying to rebuild your family and the daily, unending, unrelenting  effort of staying off the drink.  And again with that special Roddy Doyle blend of wit that I love. 
3.  Dare You To by Katie McGarrie –  Deals with drug abuse and the consequences of a child trying to look after their parent instead of the other way around.  I love NA books that don’t shy away from the hard issues and this one is a perfect example.
4.  Hopeless by Colleen Hoover – This book has issue I can’t reveal as it’s a spoiler but it’s intense, heart breaking and put me through the emotional wringer.
5.  The Mystery of Mercy Close by Marion Keyes – This author is very open about her ongoing battle with depression and in this book when the main character describes about her depression, it’s honest and raw and very painful.
6.  The Baby Trail by Sinead Moriarity  – A quest for a baby via the medical route with all setbacks and difficulties that it entails.  Done with humour and a light chick-lit feel but this book still shows how emotionally difficult this journey can be.
7.  True by Erin McCarthy – Reviewed HERE – I love how this book dealt with drug abuse and a damaged family in an honest, uncompromising way.
8.  Until You’re Mine by Samantha Hayes – Another book dealing with infertility that doesn’t hold back from the intensity of feelings that surround this issue.
9.  Slammed by Colleen Hoover – Yes,  one more Colleen Hoover book, I’m a fan!  Death and grief are held under the spotlight and the power of the Slam Poetry makes it an emotional, powerful  read.
10.  Broken Harbour by Tana French – I know, I know, I’m like a broken record about this book.  But it’s a great look at a slow descent into insanity.
Bookish Chats : So now that you know I love issue books, feel free to hit me up with your favourites. 

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