Bookish Chat : Memes – Merits and Moans

April 20, 2013 Bookish chat, meme 22

Can too many memes maim your blog?  Over dramatic much?  LOL, guilty!  First off as you or may not have noticed I participate in 2 memes every week.  I do Top Ten Tuesday and The Sunday Post so my intention here isn’t to knock memes.  It is just to have a discussion about memes and a little bookish chinwag about what I see as the merits and the moans.

The merits are easy to spot.  First off, let’s be honest, they bring traffic to your blog.  We need traffic, no point labouring over reviews and other content if no one sees it.  You potentially have some new followers.  And memes allow you to have a few posts every week where there is less demand to be creative.   If you pick memes that you like, they will be enjoyable to do whilst also allowing you to post in a relaxed, no pressure fashion.

The 2 memes I picked, I went with for personal reasons.  TTT is about list making, how could any list-maker  lover resist, not this one anyway.  The Sunday Post, I choose because it gives me a chance to showcase all the books I received that week.  I love seeing my pretties, all shiny and full of possibilities, grouped together every Sunday.  I also love the chance to recap the week.

The moans?  Well meme means same in French as I’m sure you know.  And I don’t want to see generic blogs, all  samey-samey-matchy-matchy,  all using the same content and not coming up with fresh, creative ideas of their own.  

I think if your memes are spread out and hand-picked because they mean something to you, then they are a positive addition to your blog.  Especially if they are buffered out by interesting reviews and other bookish topics.

If you are posting too many of them every week, then it’s a turn off for me.  Personally I feel, 2/3 is loads but that’s just this humble newbie bloggers opinion and I’m the first to admit I’m still wet behind the ears here.  I don’t know what it’s like to come up with new content month after month and year after year.  I could be singing a very different song in the future, one about eating humble pie perhaps?

My other feeling on them is if you are running a book blog, you must love books.   Memes are a fun way of connecting with others in the community but where is your passion, why do you love reading, what makes your blog different.  Sharing what is uniquely you, that’s what I love to see. 

Of course some bloggers do an amazing job of making memes their own, taking the topic, spicing it up and putting a spin of their own it.  I cheer when I see this.  And I will be inspired to look at other posts and will more than likely hit that follow button.

Bookish Chat : So now over to you.  What do you think, are you for or against and what do you think is the optimal number?  I want this to be a chinwag and I genuinely want YOUR opinion, yes you, don’t read and run.  Let’s chat.

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22 Responses to “Bookish Chat : Memes – Merits and Moans”

  1. Chelsea

    Good discussion topic. I am one of those crazy organizational people who sometimes feels like I need to always be on a schedule 🙂 I wish I was a little more free spirited. I personally participate in 3 regular weekly meme (Tuesday, Wed and Fri) and then I do my own personal feature on Thursday, Sat and Sun. Of course, I always have reviews and cover reveals in between but I have this OCD need to be scheduled.

    • Trish Hannon

      Chelsea, that’s another plus for memes that I forgot about, they do help with scheduling. You know what you have planned for 3 days say, so then you can schedule your other posts around that. Good point! Thanks 🙂

  2. anaherareads

    I’m super new so all these memes are fun and new to me. I feel like doing so many, but then I don’t want to drown out my own content. Right now, I’m sticking with Top Ten Tuesday, Wishlist Wednesday, and Stacking The Shelves. 🙂

    • Trish Hannon

      I think you are getting the balance right Ana. Your blog has it’s own voice and I love your reviews. Drowning out your content is a great way to phrase it, wish I had said that!

  3. whatdanielledidnext

    I know what you mean. They can overwhelm your site and they take time too which could be spent reading/reviewing/commenting etc. I participate in two, Waiting on Wednesday and Stacking the shelves, TTT is there if I like the topic or remember but I prefer to stick with two I know I can fit in!

    • Trish Hannon

      Thanks Danielle, I agree they are time consuming, another good reason to confine them to a few favourites. I do like WOW, gives me ideas of what to request on net galley! Also I’m a cover junkie so anything featuring book covers is a winner with me 🙂

  4. Cayce

    I’m here, no running. Lol.
    I think memes are great for getting your blog out there. I’ve found quite a few blogs thanks to memes like TTT (I used to do more, but these days I only participate in TTT (and only when the topic is interesting and I actually have something to say) and the occasional WoW/mailbox post.

    • Trish Hannon

      Thanks Cayce, appreciate you not reading and running! Great blogging etiquette 🙂 I think that’s my main moan, I love reviews, discussions, etc so I like a good mix-up. Too many memes, you can’t do that.

  5. Kelly

    I participate in one meme (WoW) and I have my own Sunday feature that I do weekly (so it’s meme-ish in that way). I really have no problem with bloggers who want to do memes, but I generally gauge whether or not I’m going to follow their blog based on how many memes/promo posts they’ve posted lately. If I have to go through more than one page of meme/promo posts to find a book review/discussion post, then I’m probably not going to follow that blog – they just don’t focus on the content that I like.

    • Trish Hannon

      Thanks Kelly, I don’t count original features as memes, I love creative bloggers who do their own thing. I would be the same as you re promo/meme content, I don’t want to wade through oceans of it!

  6. Karen

    I try to mix it up with the memes I participate in. I’ll do a mailbox meme if I get something I’m really excited about but not all the time for example.

    I like features that start a discussion the best or really say something about the blogger (like TTT posts) – not just as a generic way to get hits.

    • Trish Hannon

      Karen, I think its great to only take part when you want. Less pressure. The more relaxed we are about only doing the stuff (technical term, my word power astounds me!) we want do, the more the passion shines through.

  7. Asti

    I think memes are definitely a hit or miss. I don’t mind them when it’s still obvious that the blogger is putting as much care into them as their other posts, and have chosen them wisely. Sometimes I feel like it’s obvious a blogger has one did it for the followers. They respond to the prompt with one sentence and there’s no personality in it. Or maybe they just throw a list out there with no explanation. I feel like if you’re going to do it, that’s great, but still do it with quality.

    I participate in memes, but also try to fill my blog with other content. I feel like just because you don’t have 800 reviews doesn’t mean you can’t have a quality blog. Instead, I fill that empty space with things that interest me that still relate to books. Sometimes I worry it bothers people or is too much, but in the end it’s my blog so I do it anyways. I think the main thing is, even though my blog doesn’t have tons of reviews, people still see that I attempt to post quality content. I try. I really do!

    Anyways, great discussion post and sorry for rambling ><

    • Trish Hannon

      Asti, I get the feeling you don’t really need to try, it comes natural to you. Your blog is my shining example of original, unique content. Its on my daily must-read list.
      And yes if you are doing a meme, then you really should give it as much love and attention as other posts you put together. Totally agree.

  8. Meagan Cooke

    Good discussion topic! I have heard a lot of bloggers who tend to knock the memes, and some blog tour promoters and publishers can limit the amount of memes they want to see on your blog. But I agree with all of your reasons above for using them – consistency, easier content to produce (although sometimes the memes take me longer than a review post to write), and they are great at driving traffic to your blog.

    As of yet, I have participated in a few memes, some with success and some without. But I have yet to get onto a schedule with them, so they seem hit or miss. STS and TT (Teaser Tuesday) are my favorites.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Meagan @ Reviewing Wonderland

    • Trish Hannon

      Thanks Megan, interesting that publishers and book tour promoter’s limit them too, I was totally unaware of that. That’s what I love about discussion posts, you always learn something new.

  9. Kelly W

    I love you, Trish. Just wanted to say that. I am more and more certain that you are my bookish twin.

    I agree with everything you wrote in this post. Memes are fun and they drive traffic to your blog, but with the exception of a few, they’re not that interesting. They don’t show your readers who you are, and they don’t take much thought. I’ve seen blogs that participate in – I kid you not – 6 memes every week, then tack on some generic, three-paragraph review on the 7th day. And they have like 500 followers! When I see that, I know blogging is more about numbers than actual readers and it kind of frustrates me.

    But I am getting way off topic, so back to the point. Too many memes bog down a blog and kill its personality. Frequent posting is only important then the content is good. If it’s all memes and the occasional cop-out review, I don’t care how many followers you have, you don’t have a good blog. Or at least, that’s my opinion, anyway.

    • Trish Hannon

      Aw!!! Thanks Kelly 🙂 Obviously I agree, since you are agreeing with me! It is harder to make your personality show in a meme but it is possible, I have seen loads do it, including you! But I want more, just doing memes will never be enough to satisfy me as a reader. If that’s enough for the blogger, well that’s fine, they just won’t be one that I will visit regularly.

  10. Jenn@OwlReadIt

    I like memes and I know they can bring in a lot of traffic, but I limit myself to two a week. I picked TTT for the same reason as you, I love lists and obsess over them! And Clock Rewinders because I like the set up for that and that it;s a weekly wrap up 🙂

    I really dislike blog that only post memes. I’ve stopped following a few that only posts them and giveaways. I like giveaways, but I like unique content and discussions better 🙂

    • Trish Hannon

      I love Clock rewinders, I find my best blog reading through them. I agree too about the giveaways, fun every now and again but I want original content more than anything.

  11. My anxious life

    Personally… I don’t love meme’s either. I participate in a few every now and then and only when I have something to add to it. I agree that it is a way to get people to stop by my blog. Confession: I can’t stand blog tours. I don’t know why. I guess because I see so many on the blogs I follow every day.


    • Trish Hannon

      Thanks Angie, I agree! Blog tours are good if its a book you might read or a blogger I know and trust to be impartial but apart from that I tend to skip over them.

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