Book Review : Unforeseen by Lauren Grimley

April 22, 2013 Book review 17 ★★★½

Book Title : Unforeseen
Author : Lauren Grimley
My Rating : 3.5 stars

Unforeseen was a book I won at a giveaway hosted by Michelle @ In Libris Veritas.  This is one of those times when winning a book made me read a book I might not have otherwise.  I’m wary of Vampire books, they have been overdone to death and have had all the blood sucked from them so they don’t have a lot of new ideas to bring to the table.

But this one was a very pleasant surprise.  I really enjoyed it, I won’t say it was unique but it is very readable.  Alex while running home from work, gets attacked and ends up being rescued by vampires.  She is resistant to their mind washing and badly injured, so they take her home to keep her safe and to find out why their powers don’t work on her. From there Alex is thrust into a world she knows nothing about but into a world where she already belongs.

What makes this book work for me is the characters.  Alex is realistic, tough and even a pain at times but always entertaining.  The coven of Vampires all have their own distinct personalities, together they are just plain fun.  They bounce off one another and I had more than a few laugh out loud moments.  In particular the youngest member Rocky is like a little brother, you want to simultaneously hug him and slap him.

The world building is slowly done.  As Alex reads the histories, we gain an understanding along with her, we learn about the vampire powers and the different families.  We are as confused as she is as to how it all fits together and especially where she fits in.  She has trouble believing in vampires and her reaction to their world felt a lot less contrived than others I have read.

My biggest issue is the relationship with Marcus, it happened a bit too fast. Insta-love is one of my pet hates and it does happen.  Apart from that I really enjoyed Unforeseen.

A story about friendship and loyalty set within a vampire world with all the action that entails with a few twists and lots of humour; what is there not to enjoy?  Really looking forward to book 2 to see where we go to next.

Bookish Chat : This is a book that proved yet again to me that I’m a character person.  Are you more driven by plot or characters when reading?  Obviously we need a bit of both but which is your preference?


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17 Responses to “Book Review : Unforeseen by Lauren Grimley”

  1. Christy @ Love of Books

    I know what you mean about the vampire thing. I’m like that with angel books right now. This sounds interesting. I definitely need good characters. If there is a character I love, then that alone can keep me reading.

    • Trish Hannon

      I’m a bit fearful of angel books too, they could never measure up to Daughter of Smoke and Bone. I agree, good characters grip me too and pull me along for the ride.

  2. anaherareads

    “have had all the blood sucked from them”

    Oh, that made me chuckle. 😛

    This sounds interesting. I think I’ll give it a shot when I get my hands on it. Although, the insta-love is irking me a bit. But hopefully I can forgive it for the rest of the book.

    For my answer to your Bookish Chat question. I don’t really know which I really prefer. I think it depends on the author. For Pratchett books, I end up more attached to the characters because they’re just so quirky and interesting. Maybe it’s because it’s a “series” featuring characters that I already know and love? But if I ended up reading something completely new, I might lean towards the plot and if the characters can pull that off well. I hope I’m making sense here! 😀

    • Trish Hannon

      Thanks Ana, you give such great feedback! Makes total sense, I think part of why I enjoy series is finding out what old favourites are up to. But if they are just hanging around not doing very much, I’d quickly lose interest so I need a decent plot too 🙂

    • anaherareads

      Aw, thanks, Trish! 🙂

      Ah, there’s that too. Another fear I have of long series is that the characters might change or lose what made them awesome or unique or quirky. Or for great antagonists to lose their bite and end up going soft not in a good way. I’m all for character development but when they’ve gone the route where they seem like they’ve had a complete personality warp… That’s going to be bad for me. 🙁

  3. MissGreenEyes

    I need good characters too! This sounds like something I’d never pick up either but I would read it based on this review. Boo for insta-love! 😉

    • Trish Hannon

      Thanks! Yes boo, hiss to that insta love! You don’t become soul mates after 1 meeting, instant attraction, yes but let’s build realistic relationships.

  4. Cayce

    Good, engaging plot is important, but I’m definitely more of a character driven reader. I don’t think I will pick this book up (I’m burned out on vampire books too), but really enjoyed reading your review 🙂

    • Trish Hannon

      Thanks Cayce! I know what mean but if you return to vamp books in the future & you like good characters, this could be one to bring you back into the fold 🙂

  5. Asti

    Yeah, I’m always hesitant to pick up vampire books, and some of the things you mentioned only just remind me of the uber-popular vampire book (instalove, vampire’s power doesn’t work on MC). But I’m with you on the character! Characters can make or break a story for me. I have to care about them before I can care about what happens to them, otherwise moving through the story is reallllyyy hard.

    • Trish Hannon

      I’m with you Asti, if I don’t feel something for the characters, then I’m bored no matter how exciting the plot is. And I don’t mind if I hate the characters, I just have to believe they are real or I can’t connect.

  6. Michelle @ In Libris Veritas

    I’m glad you enjoyed it. I have the same hesitance with Angel books…I adore angels but it’s rare that I find a book that does them justice. I’m actually quite the vampire fan but I’m rather picky when I read them because I have read so many.
    I felt the same way about Rocky, there were times when I felt terrible for him and other times when he had me shaking my head.

  7. Kelly W

    “they’ve had all the blood sucked from them” HA! I see what you did there! Vampires… blud-sucking… Yes, I’m done. :/

    You know that I am definitely more a character person. Plot is great, but only if you have the characters to drive it. I’ve alse been getting a bit worn out by vampire books (used to love them), but this one sounds pretty cool. At least worth a read. Even though insta-love is one of the sure-fire ways to get my eyes rolling. -_-

    Great review!

  8. Lauren Grimley

    Thanks so much, Trish, for taking the time to read and review the novel! I suppose it’s obvious from my writing that I’m a character lovin’ gal, but I’m also a huge fan of puns, so I really enjoyed your opening! And, good news, Rocky’s featured prominently in book 2, Unveiled, due out in May!
    : )

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