Read-a-Thon: Take control of your TBR pile

March 15, 2013 Book Event 11

I’m taking part in my first Read-a-Thon this weekend. I have gone a bit crazy on net galley lately requesting books and I over requested fully expecting most of my requests to be turned down!

Shockingly, they have nearly all been approved.  Happy days!  So the plan is to read and write reviews for at least 3 of them this weekend. And this is no chore! It’s my idea of heaven 😀

 Let the reading begin!  Click on the button below for more details and come join the fun.

Bookish Chat : How do you manage your TBR piles? Mine is a monster, I must add about 5 books for every 1 book that I read. I want to read ALL the books just don’t have all the money or all the time!  This ‘problem’ has gotten far worse since I joined GoodReads and reading other blogs, there are so many good-need-to-read-now books out there.

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11 Responses to “Read-a-Thon: Take control of your TBR pile”

  1. Lark

    I completely agree. I need to be two people: one to go to work, and the other to stay home and read, read, read.

  2. libbysfunbooks

    This is my first one too! I am so excited!!! I have 6 books left to review but I have a whole stack of other books waiting to be read! YAY!!!!!

    • libbysfunbooks

      LOL. I worked hard last week to catch up on reviews. There are a few new books I want to review but I told myself I HAD to catch up first. LOL Now I am bookin’ through those books! LOL.

      I just started my book this morning and now I have to run my son (Max) to T-ball practice. He said to tell you hi and he is going to the library to get LOTS of books to read! LOL.

  3. Kelly W

    Haha yes! I actually just got a netgalley account, and it is the hardest thing to not request every one of those books that catch your eye. I have a few friends who have been blogging and netgalley-ing a lot longer than I have, and remembering their past GINORMOUS netgalley TBR/Reviewed pile was the only thing that stopped me.

    I find that I don’t manage my TBR pile. Not well, anyway. I’m slowly becoming more book than person, I think. Trying to keep up with all the new books I want is impossible. I’m seriously known as “that crazy book lady” in my neighborhood lol.

  4. Kay Brady

    I have stopped stressing about my TBRP and i order 5 books at a time of my Goodreads list at the library enjoy reading them then do it all over again.
    I love browsing old book shops their the best

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