Do books have all the anwers?

March 10, 2013 Uncategorized 9

You ready for a quick, fun game? What books would you choose to say a little more about you?

1. Describe yourself:             The Girl with the Pearl Earring (by Tracy Chevalier)
2. Describe your life:             The Cuckoo’s Calling (by Robert Galbraith)
3. Describe your job:             Eve of Chaos (by Sylvia Day)
4. Something you regret:       Dark Places (by Gillian Flynn)
5. Your wish for the future:  Over the Moon, an Adoption Tale (by Karen Katz)
6. Your perfect day:               The Sea of Tranquility (by Katja Millay)
7. Your favorite advice:         Much Ado about Nothing (by William Shakespeare)

This blog post is inspired by Lark at

Go check out her lovely artistic blog about books and art, highly recommended by me for its unique content.

Edit : Had to come back and mention this post was scheduled for Mon or so I thought! Guess I better go see how I managed to do that wrong, it seemed so foolproof!

Bookish Chat : Well are you going to put your thinking cap on and give this a go. If so, leave a comment below so I can check out your answers. Or if you want, just choose one and answer below.

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9 Responses to “Do books have all the anwers?”

  1. astichoquette

    Ooh this is hard, but I’ll try and give it a go.

    1. Describe yourself: Perfect (by Ellen Hopkins) ((just kidding!))
    2. Describe your life: Beautiful Chaos (by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl)
    3. Describe your job: City of Lost Souls (by Cassandra Clare)
    4. Something you regret: Suicide Notes (by Michael Thomas Ford)
    5. Your wish for the future: Wicked Lovely (by Melissa Marr)
    6. Your perfect day: Alice in Wonderland (by Lewis Carroll)
    7. Your favorite advice: Bad Girls Don’t Die (by Katie Alender)

    • astichoquette

      lol I assume you were directing that at me…
      I’m not sure if my description really fits with my job, but it fits with how I imagine it in my mind. I work at a car-rental in an airport and it seems like no one wants to be there. Everyone would rather work a more fulfilling job but they don’t know where they want to go or are just stuck where they are at. Hence the choice for City of Lost Souls (just went by title, not content of book). 😛

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