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March 6, 2013 Bookish chat 12

So as you see my blog is very new, not yet 1 week old but already I’m a little bit obsessed by it.  I have had blogs before but they have been private and going public with this one was a big leap of faith for me.  One I’m very happy I took.  However Bookish Trish is transforming in to Bloggish Trish.  I want to spend lots of time making my blog pretty, learning all about html and how to add all the fancy smancy bells and whistles that I’m drooling over on other blogs.

Also every time I come on here now, I seem to have a new follower or a new comment so after I finish happy dancing around the room, I go off to check their blog.  Which makes for happy reading and I often get distracted by a link on their site to another blog so off blog trekking across the universe I go again.  It’s like being in a black hole of time as huge chunks are disappearing from me while I indulge in my blogging adventures. 

And this is all great fun but its eating up in to my reading time.  Like everyone, I lead a very full on life with limited time for my hobbies.  So I know I need to get more of a balance so I have enough time to read and write reviews.  I’m thinking of having a schedule where I review 2 books a week on the blog, 1 discussion topic every week and then I will continue with the Top Ten Tuesday meme as well.  That sounds manageable and should leave me sufficient time for blog reading and book reading 🙂

Bookish Chat : How do you run your blog, do you have a schedule or do you just blog about whatever and whenever you feel the urge?  Do you write blog posts up in advance of the dates you post them?  Would love to hear how everyone else works this.

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12 Responses to “Bookish Chat : Blogging versus Reading”

  1. Lark

    I’m new to blogging this year, but I’ve found it really helpful to schedule my posts ahead of time…that way I can catch my mistakes before I hit publish, and when my week gets really busy I don’t have to worry about putting out a hurried post. And I set a goal about how many posts I want to try and do each week. That helps, too. Good luck with your blog!

    • Trish Hannon

      Thanks Lark, I think a schedule will work for me too, I have more time at the weekend so can get prepared then. Always interesting to hear how other people work it all out.

  2. Kelly W

    I’m still new(ish) to blogging – about 6 months now, but I wasn’t serious about it until very recently. It definitely is time-consuming, and I’m continuously amazed by how much hard work and patience goes into blogging; it really adds a new respect for my fellow blogger friends.

    I don’t have a set schedule yet, but I’m already thinking about having one. My only rule for my blog is to try to keep the non-review posts to a minimum; I’ve seen review blogs bogged down with about three times as many memes or unrelated posts as actual reviews, and that comes off as just a bit much for me.

    I try to comment on as many blogs as possible, but I realized a long time ago that if I’m a regular visitor on every one of the blogs I’m following, I won’t have time for anything else – like running my own. So it’s important to create a balance between visiting other blogs, working on your own, and having a life outside of the blogging world. The one thing I try to do, though, is at least leave in in-depth comment on the blogs I follow in hopes of a return follow; they put just as much time and effort into theirs as I put into mine, and love having their posts really read and thought about just as much as I do.

    As far as all the frills goes, that comes in time. You won’t believe how many simple, seemingly obvious things I had no idea about for weeks! I’m still only just learning the basics, I can’t believe how amazing some of the blogs I visit look. Just, never sacrifice quality of content for a prettier blog.

    Wow, this comment is turning into a freaking novel lol. I’m sorry; I do have a tendency to ramble. :p

    The last piece of advice I’ll give you (I promise) is to always remember that you blog for yourself first. Don’t turn it into a chore, have fun with it. Everything you need to have a kick-ass blog will come in time, anyway. 🙂


    • Trish Hannon

      Kelly, thanks so much for all your tips, I love hearing them all. I know when it comes to blogging, I need to walk before I can run. So I’m not worrying about design so much for now but am concentrating on blogging ideas and content. Agree about the meme’s too, one is loads I think for me personally. And your last tip is so true, I’m passionate about reading and that is what I want my blog to reflect. Most of all this is for me, if anyone else is reading that is a bonus 🙂

  3. Nuzaifa @ Say It With Books

    I can TOTALLY relate to this,Trish!It is so easy to get caught up in blogging!I can’t even count the number of times that I’ve skipped meals in order to get a particular post done.I have had to cut back on my reading big time since I started blogging.Visiting other blogs,the social networking and reviewing-all of it can be so overwhelming!

    I rarely plan ahead,most of my reviews and posts are written on the day of posting.I have major panic attacks and everything but for some reason the whole scheduling thing never works for me.But I’ll be trying the ‘Be Prepared’ approach in future-Maybe I’ll breathe easier that way!And my co-blogger is a more organized person so I’m hoping that it’ll help me too. 😀

    • Trish Hannon

      I hear you Nuzaifa! Meals have been hurried through and skipped here too. I know preparation is key for me, I have great plans to pre schedule posts but just hope I’m disciplined enough to actually carry them out 😀 Procrastination is my middle name!

  4. Angie Coder

    I can understand this. . .just starting my blog and I’m having fun tweaking everything so I can try and find something that works for me. I haven’t planned more then just posting reviews at this point. Sometime in the future I might start blogging other things though.

    I’m trying to take it slow with this and not get myself overwhelmed by taking on to much at once. I love reading and have grown to love reviewing almost as much and I don’t want it to feel like work to me. I want it to keep staying that fun thing I do on the side.

    • Trish Hannon

      Hi Angie, we are almost blogging twins as started at the same time. I can see your blog progressing every time I visit so I know you have caught the bug too 🙂

  5. Lynn @ Books on the Bay

    I JUST started book blogging too! I did better once I had all the layout stuff set up and started focusing on the book parts. I just try to make sure that I’m not posting just because I feel like I have to as a new blogger, but because I have something to say. I can totally relate to this though! Hopefully it doesn’t take away from precious reading time 🙂

  6. astichoquette

    I loved your post, and it is very interesting to see everyone’s replies. It definitely made me realize that there are a lot of us just starting out on this adventure of book blogging. Eek!

    I just started my blog over a week ago, and I’m still attempting to sort everything out. As of right now, I always complete a post a day in advance so if something comes up one day and I don’t get around to writing, no harm done. Of course, with the end of the semester coming up and eight hundred due dates for papers looming around the corner… We’ll see how that works out.

    It’s funny you posted this though because I literally just started forming a notebook with my own evil blogging plan. It’s not really as intense as it sounds (I don’t think >< ) but really is just helpful for me to ensure my blog will be balanced with the topics I want and like to discuss. Of course, I don't think it's necessary. I am just have the curse of being an over-thinker. I think the one nice thing about having a set schedule though is it gives you the flexibility of doing posts in advance. If you know you want to have reviews every Friday and you finish the book on a Tuesday, you can write up the review and schedule it for Friday and you’re good to go! Anyways, sorry for rambling and good luck with your blog!

  7. bookblogbake

    I schedule my post ahead of time(like way ahead. . . right now I have posts scheduled through April 1st), but I don’t have a set-in-stone schedule. I don’t say something like, “OK, this week I must post this, this and this.” I typically balance it by having 1 book review, 1 discussion post, 1 feature post, and 1 meme per week. I never set out to do it that way, but it sort of naturally happened that way and I like the rhythm that gives my blog. I also do a weekly wrap-up post on Sundays and just refuse to post most Saturdays, unless it’s a special post. I like having that “off” day.
    I also have a set hour in my day that I read. Since I’m a college student, I have breaks between my classes. I have one that’s an hour in the mornings on MWF, and I read that entire time. Just that time allows me to finish at least one book a week, though I normally supplement that time by reading for half an hour or so every night when I’m not doing homework.

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