Book Review : Forever Me by Thomas Amo

March 23, 2013 Book review 8 ★★★½

Name :                       Forever Me
Author :                     Thomas Amo
Genre:                            YA
GoodReads Rating :     4 stars
True Rating:                3.5 stars

I had problems rating this but decided it was fairer to round up to 4 stars rather than down to 3, it’s a better reflection on what I thought about Forever Me. Mostly because it contains such an important message for teenagers and everyone really about how to “Judge nothing by the appearance. The more beautiful the serpent, the more fatal the sting.”

Hannah is your normal, everyday teenager with her head well screwed on. She lives with her Dad (the local Sherrif) and has 2 best friends, she doesn’t care about appearances, loves music, being barefoot, her dog Dude and gets on ok with everyone in general in high school. Now the school, *shudder*. All the cliques and gangs, all the rules of what to do, who to talk to, what to wear to stay popular. Or worse not just to be popular just to avoid being bullied. It’s all so shallow, depressing and frighteningly real. My main thought was “Thank God my school days are over!”.

“If you lived east of Chester Street, then you were socially unimportant.  To translate into pop culture terms, Easties were Mudbloods.”

I was afraid at the start that Hannah was too much of a goody, goody and I wouldn’t like her. But no, she is well written and developed, she makes plenty of mistakes, she is loveably flawed and so feels authentic. She gets a touch of popularity and it sends her down a totally different path which makes for a fun storyline.

There was lots going on in the book to hold my attention; murder (I know, unexpected! but it happens), blackmail, teenage jinks. Hannah’s new gang of friends taking on ‘The Stilletos’ the top-of-the-heap pack of mean girls.  Enough going on to keep me quickly turning pages and made this a fun, entertaining read.

A few minor issues – a few editing problems and the last few chapters the book takes on a totally different angle.  It felt a little too out of sync with the rest of the story.  It didn’t lose me though, it just felt a little like I was reading a different book.

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I would recommend Forever Me if you are a teenager or even a parent of a teenager. It’s more than worthy of your time for the important message it portrays.

Thanks to the Author for giving me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

Bookish Chat : This book made me think a lot about appearances and what horrible values teenagers are exposed to.   Society seems to have gone so far down an ‘everything must look perfect and be perfect’ direction that  it is truly scary.  An important goal for life should be to ‘Dare to be You’.  Not always easy but being true to yourself is by far the best way to live your life.  When you give up pretending to be something you’re not, life becomes a lot less complicated.  That’s my view anyway, whats yours?


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8 Responses to “Book Review : Forever Me by Thomas Amo”

  1. astichoquette

    Interesting review, and I can totally relate to being split on the four rating thing. Sometimes it’s hard to really put an accurate rating just through the number of stars!

    (And can I just say that I like how you start a bookish chat based off the story. :P)

    I definitely agree that it’s more important to be who you are. If you’re constantly pretending to be someone you’re not, or strive towards something that isn’t actually realistic for your own personal situation, you’re only hurting yourself and making it harder to love yourself. The greatest thing a person can do is learn to love who they are, and the sooner they do that the sooner everyone else around them will think they’re amazing too. Or at least, that’s what I think!

    • Trish Hannon

      Hi Asti, totally agree, pretending to be something you are not must be like trying to balance a house built of cards, you would always be waiting for it to tumble. And the thing is when you are fake, people pick up on it and it makes you very unlikeable. Loving yourself and accepting yourself as you are right now and not who you want to be isn’t easy but it is real.

    • Trish Hannon

      Thanks Rachel, my pet hate is characters that are too good to be true. I feel Hannah is realistic and teenagers reading can relate and even learn from her mistakes.

  2. Author Thomas Amo

    Thank you so much Trish and Rachel for such kind words and for taking the time to read “Forever ME”
    It’s an authors dream that their words will touch someone and or make a lasting impression upon them.
    Cheers Thomas

    • Trish Hannon

      Hi Thomas, thanks for taking the time to come look here and comment. Reading the book was a pleasure and it really gave me a lot to think about.

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